July 5, 2010

Lily Allen details rainforest protection trip

Lily Allen urges people to realise the importance of protecting the world’s most precious rainforest eco systems.


She first jetted off to the area earlier this year and was joined by Daily Mail reporter Amy Williams on her latest trip. The singer stayed at an eco-friendly lodge located on the border between Bolivia and Peru and speaking to the newspaper, she noted the difference between rainforest protection and other causes which may be more in the public conscience.

“The thing about green issues, like global warming, is that you can’t always see them. I mean, it’s not pulling at your heartstrings like watching news pictures from Haiti, or Comic Relief,”

Rainforest protection seems to be high on the agenda of a number of famous faces at the moment, with Hollywood director James Cameron recently taking a trip to the rainforests of Brazil to highlight the need for such areas to be protected.

The rainforest was the inspiration for the setting of Cameron’s last film, Avatar.

Written by Helen Montag.

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