July 7, 2010

New UN funding far from enough

REDD policy makers approve more funds for their development activities but rainforest charity Cool Earth says it’s still not enough.

The UN REDD Programme Policy Board has approved an additional US$8.7 million to fund its global activities.

Part of Norway’s US$30 million pledge for funding the programme in 2010, the amount approved seems relatively insignificant. Over the 18 months leading up to July 2011, the programme’s support to global activities, including this new amount, now extends to a mere US$22 million. A further US$42.6 million is also allocated to UN REDD’s National Programmes.

However, Matthew Owen, Director of UK charity Cool Earth claims that:

“this is far from enough to be adequate for the task in hand and seems paltry when compared to Norway’s recent donation of US$1 billion for REDD type development in Indonesia.”

“Furthermore,” continues Owen, “it is disappointing that, of all the nations present at Copenhagen last December, only Norway appears to have taken the REDD programme seriously even though it was clearly identified as a priority for all.”

The new money is specifically targeted at continuing work on concerns such as reporting, measurement and verification, as well as ongoing dialogue with REDD+ governance actors and the development of REDD+ readiness efforts at the national level. It is also hoped that the funds will help to enable: increased transparency and effectiveness in national REDD+ governance, the development of equitable benefit sharing systems and support for low carbon sector transformation.

According to Tiina Vahanen, Senior Officer at the UN REDD’s Global Programme, this approval will “go a long way to developing and sharing knowledge, guidance and tools to help countries design and implement their national REDD+ strategies.”


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