July 2, 2010

Wind power vital for UK’s climate change targets

Utilising wind power will be vital if the UK is to achieve its aims of lowering carbon emissions and reducing the impact of climate change, it has been urged.

According to chief executive at RenewableUK Maria McCaffery, the offshore wind industry has a “central role” in the UK’s energy future.

She said that such power has “extraordinary potential” and that if is to be used to the best of its ability, the government and firms need to have the right skills, as well as determination and leadership.

Speaking at the delivery of the Budget last month, chancellor George Osborne said that the new coalition government is to create a green investment bank to help encourage private investment in clean energy and green technologies.

The use of biofuel as a power source is another option which some believe is better for the planet than traditional fossil fuels but many rainforest protestors claim its use could have a devastating effect on tropical areas as it could rely heavily on palm oil production.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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