December 21, 2010

Top designer wraps up Christmas for newspaper readers, in aid of the charity Cool Earth

A top fashion designer pulled off a first for Christmas by producing a free wrapping paper in The Sun newspaper back in 2011.

Dame Vivienne Westwood produced the wrapping paper to raise awareness about rainforest protection and Cool Earth’s latest campaign. The wrapping paper featured her iconic “Prince Charming” design with the slogan, “Climate Change is Not a Fairy tale.”

The wrapping paper also contains Christmas Greetings from the iconic fashion designer who talks about her make do and mend philosophy: “….I feel like it is better to buy a nice dress than to buy 10 t-shirts and tights put them in the washing and in a couple of weeks they all look horrible.”

Vivienne Westwood goes on to say;

“There are so many confusing messages about climate change – but I believe the one of the best things you can do to help is simply saving a tree.”

westwood front


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