April 10, 2011

Pamela Anderson storms Peru’s press

Pamela Anderson’s support of Cool Earth wins rainforest press cover in Peru during Presidential elections.

Hitting Peru’s press on the day of that country’s Presidential elections is a major PR coup for both Pamela and Cool Earth. The entire full colour back page of Peru 21, one of Peru’s most popular daily newspapers, was devoted to Pamela Anderson’s sponsorship of 70 acres of Asháninka rainforest in the Rio Ene.

Pamela Anderson protected the plot of rainforest for the birthday of her close friend and Cool Earth supporter Dame Vivienne Westwood.

On a day when everyone scans the papers on the way to the polling stations in Lima and Peru’s provinces, Pamela’s support for rainforest conservation will be widely appreciated.

The next Peruvian government and political stance on rainforest and other issues will be decided today – Sunday 10th April – if one of the five main Presidential candidates obtains more than 50% of the votes. Voting in Peru is obligatory, so people are travelling from one side of this large country to the other, to vote in the town or city where they are registered as voters. Anyone who fails to vote will have to pay a fine.

If there’s no clear winner in today’s voting, then the two candidates with the most votes will go through to a second round. At present, Ollanta Humala is leading the pack with his young good looks and nationalistic politics, closely allied to Chavez in Venezuela and Lula, the socialist ex-President of Brazil. Close on his heels are Keiko Fujimori, Alejandro Toledo and PPK – alias, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski

Keiko stands on the shoulders of her father – ex-President Fujimori (presently serving a very long prison sentence) – as well as her appeal to half the population who share her gender and have yet to see a lady President of Peru. Alejandro boasts a previous term as President during the first part of the last decade and his evident Andean stock attracts a large provincial vote. PPK was part of Toledo’s previous government cabinet and is perceived as representing the interests of foreign investors in Peru.



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