January 5, 2012

European air travel carbon emissions scheme starts

aircraft_135_040112.jpgThe year has started with the start of implementation of carbon liability for Europe’s airlines

All airlines flying into and out of Europe will from now on be charged for their carbon emissions by the European Union.   


This will cover over 30% of all global flights and according to the Environmental News Network “this new scheme is one of the widest-reaching measures adopted anywhere in the world to regulate greenhouse gas emissions”

The new scheme will make all airlines flying to, from or within the EU liable for their CO2 emissions. Each airline will receive tradable carbon allowances, covering a certain amount of CO2 emitted each year.  This will be based on historic data. However, any airlines that exceed their specified limit will need to buy allowances from other carriers that have emitted less than specified.

In essence this is a form of cap and trade scheme which the European Union have devised as a fair mechanism  to cope with aviation’s significant contribution (3% of total world CO2 emissions) to global warming.  The aim is to encourage airlines to reduce their carbon footprint.

Environmental Network News


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