January 30, 2012

World’s tiniest frog discovered

tiny_frog_300112_140.jpgThe smallest frog known to science was recently discovered in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea

Smaller than a coin and with tiny voices to match, the newly discovered frogs ( Paedophryne amauensis)  are also believed to be the smallest vertebrates anywhere on the planet.  Their home, however, is in one of the world’s mega-biodiverse hot spots in the threatened rainforests of Papua New Guinea.


The research and discovery were recently published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE  where it was claimed that these frogs – dark brown with bluish-white specks – have usurped a transparent Indonesian fish ( Paedocypris progenetica), which  averages around 8mm in length, as the smallest vertebrate.

Chris Austin, who discovered them,  said that: “it was particularly difficult to locate Paedophryne amauensis due to its diminutive size and the males’ high pitched insect-like mating call.”  Living as close as 50cms from each other on the floor of the rainforest among the leaf litter, they eat smaller prey and are almost certainly being eaten by larger predators.

Source: Discovery News and PLoS One


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