February 3, 2012

New Model Army Saving the Rainforest

New Model ArmyFashion’s top names join designer Vivienne Westwood in iconic photo shoot to save the rainforest

Fashion’s top naModel Lily Donaldson joining the campaign No Fun Being Extinctmes have joined designer Vivienne Westwood in her campaign to save the rainforest for Cool Earth in an iconic photo shoot for fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

In an interview with the eco journalist Lucy Siegel and with photography by Rankin, Vivienne Westwood talked about how she is galvanising her inner circle of friends to join the campaign ‘No Fun Being Extinct.’

Vivienne was joined by Sadie Frost and Storm Models Poppy Delevinge, Paul Sculfor, Lily Donaldson, Max Rogers and Jacquetta Wheeler  for the photo shoot in which they wore T Shirts with graffiti slogans saying Cool Earth, Endangered Species, No Fun Being Extinct, Act Fast and Stop Climate Change.

The New Model Army

Vivienne explains why she is calling on the fashion world to kick off the fundraising campaign, “Models are asked to support this, that and the other all the time, but nobody ever asks them, “Look, have you got a few quid to spare?” So I asked them directly to give money to make Cool Earth work. I’ve had a wonderful response…”

To many, fashion and environmentalism seem world’s apart but model Wheeler believes fashion has a powerful role to play, ‘Fashion must change the world! It reaches people who charities normally don’t have the means of getting through to. Most women have an interest in fashion, so its very important we use our voices in the fashion industry to relay these issues.’

Vivienne hopes to raise £7 million to save three of the world’s key rainforests by 2020.  To find out more about the campaign visit No Fun Being Extinct

To download the Harper’s Bazaar article click here


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