April 24, 2012

Peru could be sanctioned for illegal logging

mahogany_lr.jpgEnvironmental agency calls for US to stop import of illegal lumber from Peru

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has asked the US government to investigate the true origin of wood coming from Peru and to take seriously the condition of improved forest resource management as part of a free trade treaty agreement between Peru and the USA.


One recent estimate by the Peruvian government puts the financial loss to Peru from illegal logging at around US$250 million a year.  Even some major Peruvian lumber companies – including Bozovich SAC y Vulcano SAC –   have come under the spotlight of the EIA request which was formally presented in Washington.  One company is said to have had 77 boats with legal issues arrive with wood from Peru to US ports.

 “This is the moment to activate these  mechanisms to protect Peru’s forests and also to help the companies of both countries that want to do things properly and that need to compete in equal conditions,” said Andrea Johnson, Director of Forestry Campaigns for EIA.

According to the EIA who studied logging in Perú between 2008 and 2010, in that period Peru country exported more than 100 boats to the USA containing millions of dollars’ worth of illegally logged cedar and mahogany.  In theory at least, the US could sanction Peruvian logging companies that break the rules; their ships could be decommissioned and the Peruvian logging company’s imports could be banned from the USA.

Source: Gestion (Peru)


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