May 27, 2012

Earth’s most threatened tribe

awa_4_lr.jpgOscar-winning film star Colin Firth recently launched a campaign to save ‘Earth’s most threatened tribe’ the Awá

A small tribal territory has been invaded by a vast army of illegal loggers, ranchers and settlers. Graphics on the campaign website show the devastating destruction of the Indians’ forest – which according to Survival International is happening faster than with any other Amazon tribe.


Brazilian authorities admitted that the Awá tribe are presently outnumbered ten to one – by illegal loggers, ranchers and settlers – inside just one of their reserves.  Officials acknowledged the scale of the emergency after receiving over 20,000 messages of protest following the launch of Survival’s campaign.  Evidently this area has been invaded by around 4,500 non Awá .  The invaders are now occupying one of the four territories inhabited by the Awá tribe, whose total population stands at no more than 450.

The new head of FUNAI (Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department), Dra Marta Azevedo, has confirmed that the plight of the Awá tribe is now her department’s top priority.  Meanwhile Brazil’s Justice Minister José Eduardo Cardozo has been receiving over 1,000 messages a day since actor Colin Firth launched the campaign.

Source: Survival International



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