May 18, 2012

Gas reserves threaten tribes and rainforest

ashaninka_man_135_140611.jpgNew gas reserves found inside protected tribal territory put human rights and primary rainforest at risk

A recent report from Survival International claims that the Peruvian government has its eyes on newly discovered gas fields, located in some of the least touched primary rainforest in the world and home to uncontacted indigenous communities.  Thought to present the first proposal for a state-owned oil or gas lot, or block, it lies east of the present Camisea gas project and cuts the Nahua-Nanti  Reserve, legally protected land, in half. 


If these “secret” plans are confirmed, they would be a violation of a Supreme Decree (2003) which prohibited any new development of natural resources within the Reserve.  A regional indigenous federation – FENAMAD – spokesperson said:”…. there is no doubt the government is attempting to cut up indigenous territories for gas exploration …. which will be reflected in the genocide and ethnocide of indigenous peoples.”

Source: Survival International


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