June 7, 2012

Global emissions up

carbon_emissions_lr_environ_uk.jpg2011 proves to be another record year in global carbon emissions

Overall global carbon emissions rose by 3.2% last year according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).  The new record brought emissions to 31.6 gigatons of carbon emissions, with China’s contribution rising by 9.3%, a growth rate higher than that of any other nation. 


“This rise in emissions makes it even more imperative that we make all the effort we can to conserve the world’s rainforests,” expressed Matthew Owen, Cool Earth’s Director.

Emissions dropped slightly in Europe and the US, partly explained by mild winters, but also due to the continuing economic crisis as well as on-going efforts at shifting their economies towards lower carbon conditions through increased implementation of gas to replace coal, plus energy efficiency measures and use of renewable energy sources.

The IEA report suggests that China’s increase in the use of coal and its economic boom is largely to blame for their increase.   Emissions in Japan have increased by 2.4% mainly due to lower dependence on nuclear power and more use of fossil fuels after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Greenpeace International’s Climate Change Coordinator claims that: “It’s absurd to watch governments sit and point fingers and fight like little kids while the scientists explain about the terrifying impacts of climate change and the fact that we have all the technology we need to solve the problem while creating new green jobs.”

Source: Mongabay


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