September 14, 2012

Monkey discovered in Congo Rainforest

Lesula monkey discoveredExtraordinary looking monkey discovered in the Congo Basin.

Researchers working in a remote part of the rainforest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have made an astounding discovery – a new monkey species.

Lesula monkey discoveredKnown to the locals as ‘lesula’, the new primate was found in a remote forest region between the three rivers of Tshuapa, Lomami and the Lualaba. The area is also home to bonobos, okapi, forest elephants and Congo peacock. The researchers believe that other primates spotted in the area are also yet to be categorised by science

The new discovery highlights the importance of DRC’s rainforest, providing a refuge for several large mammal species driven to extinction in other African countries and ranking fifth in the world for overall biodiversity.

The rainforests of DRC lock in more than 17 billion tonnes of carbon, as well as having more than 40 million people directly depending on them for their resources and livelihoods. Cool Earth will be launching an innovative community-led rainforest protection project in the South Kivu province of eastern DRC in early 2013.


Photo by Hart et al. 


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