October 23, 2012

Disney to save rainforests

disneylr.jpgDisney announce new paper sourcing policy

A new paper sourcing policy was announced by the massive Disney group in a move which will exclude fibres related to tropical rainforest destruction.  The announcement made this month have pleased the Rainforest Action Network who have led a campaign critical of Disney’s previous choice of paper sources. 


The new sourcing will be applied both to Disney’s direct sourcing and also the paper sourced by Disney’s independent licensees.  Disney is one of the largest publishers of books and magazines anywhere.

The main culprit sources, according to environmentalists, were two particular Indonesia paper giants  – Asia Pulp & Paper and Asia pacific Resources International Holdings.  Both companies have been linked to rainforest and biodiversity devastation in Sumatra, which has lost half its natural forest cover in the last 17 years.

Disney’s concept is to eliminate any paper which contains “irresponsibly harvested” fibre.  This means that it can’t come from forests rich in wildlife.  Furthermore, they discount the use of genetically modified plantation wood or fibre from post-1994 plantations established at the cost of natural forests.

Disney is not alone. According to the WWF, this month U.S. retailer Dollar General also stopped sourcing paper products from Asia Pulp and Paper.  WWF has been targeting some 20 companies for selling APP-sourced tissue and paper towels.

Source: Mongabay


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