January 18, 2013

Neon dragon discovered

A new species of lizard – the Neon Blue Dragon – recently discovered in rainforests of Vietnam

neon blue dragon lizard

A splendid and brilliant looking new lizard species was recently discovered in the threatened rainforests of Vietnam by a group of Russian and German scientists who have named the creature Caiotes bachae. Belonging to the agama group of lizards collectively called “forest dragons”, the Neon Blue was discovered to be genetically distinct from other blue lizard species following laboratory genetic analysis.

The lizard is relatively common but and not been recognised as a species in its own right previous to this study. Small in size, no longer than a small mobile phone, they can be found in city parks and gardens as well as in remote areas of Vietnam’s rainforest regions. Males of the species boast the brightest neon colouring, but all adults of the species can alter their colouring to suit their environment or even the time of day or night.

As more genetic research takes place around the world, scientists expect more and more species hidden in plain sight to be recognised.


  • Svenn Grant says:

    I’ve seen this lizard yesterday in a small park in Bangkok, Thailand. Very beautiful and certainly a surprise. I wonder if there would be more. I would say it is definitely longer than a smart phone, unless you were measuring the body length exclusively (excluding the tail).
    The lizard was on the trunk of a tree and didn’t appear to venture too far up the trunk of the tree when I approached. It just moved out of my sight by shuffling around the tree’s trunk.

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