March 22, 2013

How Chocolate Bars Deforestation

Our partner villages in Peru have a surprising weapon in the fight against loggers: chocolate. Growing in their forest gardens is the world’s finest cocoa beans. Read how these magic beans give a sweet alternative to logging.

Saving the rainforest: Aysha and cacao

Growing in their forest gardens is criollo, the world’s finest chocolate ingredient. Making up a fraction of the world’s chocolate production, criollo is the most valued cocoa bean.

This cacao has a unique story since it is grown in rainforest protected in partnership with Cool Earth.

Despite widespread poverty, the community of Cutivireni and its surrounding villages turned down the quick offer of cash from loggers. Instead they chose to protect their forest. Cool Earth is now helping build incomes from their organic cacao that grows under a protected forest canopy.

The villages have spent the last three years turning cocoa beans into the main source of income for 325 families.

This year the association want to gain organic certification. This will help boost the price for their prized criollo beans.

Last summer two of Cool Earth’s supporters visited Cutivireni. They learned how cacao is helping tip the balance in favour of keeping the forest standing than cleared for logging.


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