April 29, 2013

Brazilian Indian genocide confirmed

A long “lost” report confirms horrific atrocities against Brazilian Indians.

A shocking report – the Figueiredo Report – commissioned by the Brazilian Minister of the Interior in 1967 has resurfaced. Reputedly destroyed in a fire some 45 years ago, the report details atrocities committed against Brazilian Indians in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. The crimes outlined were implemented by powerful landowners and the government’s own Indian Protection Service (SPI).

Running to around 7,000 pages, the Figueiredo Report is now being considered by Brazil’s National Truth Commission, which investigating human rights violations.

According to Survival International, one of the many gruesome details in the report describes a massacre in which dynamite was thrown from a small plane onto the village of ‘Cinta Larga’ Indians, killing thirty people and leaving just two alive to tell the tale. Another chapter reported the poisoning of hundreds of Indians with sugar laced with arsenic, and severe methods of torture such as slowly crushing the victims’ ankles with an instrument known as the ‘trunk’.

When the report was first published, Brazil launched a judicial enquiry, eventually charging 134 officials with over 1,000 crimes. In the end, only thirty-eight officials were dismissed and absolutely no-one was jailed for the atrocities.


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