The Women Saving the Rainforest

For Mother’s Day this Sunday, we wanted to share some of the incredible women behind our Asháninka Project.

Your support has already made a huge difference to their lives – from providing clean drinking water for their families to lighting for the home.

But this year we’re taking it up a notch. Our plan is to save lives.

The nearest doctor is an eight-hour boat ride and two-hour truck journey away. From the most remote village, you have to do a 10-hour walk first. This remoteness puts every pregnant woman and newborn in the project at-risk.

Our aim is simple – equip each of our 15 partner villages with a Medical Outpost and trained team of first-aiders and midwives. We’re not talking about anything more than a weather-proof shed with a concrete floor and basic supplies. But these simple measures will make a life changing difference to these women – ensuring they are strong enough to care for their families and defend their forest.

Here are some of the wonderful women you’ve already supported – and whose health you can join us to safeguard.

photo 1

Asháninka Mothers

photo 3


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