April 11, 2014

Taste the Difference You Make

Made from cocoa grown, harvested and fermented by our Asháninka partners in Peru, this is the first time these beans have made it into a bar.

And not just any chocolate bar. This is an exclusive, organic, single origin, handmade bar – traceable right back to our partner villages.

What’s more, these prized beans are grown in rainforest that lies in the path of bulldozers and is being protected in partnership with Cool Earth.

Having turned down the quick offer of cash from loggers, we’ve worked alongside 15 villages to help turn their organic cacao into the main source of income for 325 families.

The very first bars made it on to the front row of Vivienne Westwood’s Paris Fashion Show. We’re hoping to have more to share with you very soon.

“This organic, super-lovely gourmet chocolate bar has doubled local income for the Asháninka tribe in Peru and priced out loggers.”

Vivienne Westwood


This chocolate has doubled local income for our Asháninka partners in Peru – earning far more than logging could ever pay.


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