May 22, 2014

Our Year So Far

With two new projects more than 6,000 miles apart, 2014 started busy but has just moved up a gear.

We’re tackling debt bondage, welcoming new communities and adding 50,000 acres of forest to the shield you’ve created.

Cool Earth’s projects are keeping more than 408,000 acres of rainforest standing across eight countries. That’s 97,920,000 trees saved, 106 million tonnes of COlocked in and five million acres shielded.

With such rapid growth in our projects, we’re investing in our teams on the ground to ensure local people continue to be at the heart of every decision.

Awajún Project

We told you about our new Peruvian project in December. We’ve been busy working on boosting local incomes. Traditional jewellery is the key livelihood in the project. Made by the women using seeds harvested from the forest, the jewellery was adorning every model at Vivienne Westwood’s Paris Show. By building fair markets for extraordinarily talented jewellers we’ll ensure this sustainable livelihood prices out logging.

Lubutu Project

Across the Atlantic in the DR Congo, we’ve been mapping the project’s boundaries. Registering borders is the first step to securing a community’s forest – enabling them to respond to any incursions. So far this year we’ve had 10 awareness meetings, four field trips, nine people trained in biodiversity monitoring, 45 people trained in GPS mapping, over 350 people at community meetings and more than 600,000 acres of community forest demarcated.

Asháninka Project

Our Asháninka Project continues to go from strength to strength. This autumn we’ll be implementing our Saving Rainforest – Strengthening Lives campaign that will be bringing healthcare access to our 15 partner villages. We’re also beginning work with two new communities to try and clear their debt bondage to loggers.

Vivienne Westwood Paris Fashion Week 2014


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