November 10, 2014

Strong Village, Safe Forest

Cool Earth visits their new rainforest school.

Cool Earth prides itself on a unique conservation model – putting local people back in control of their futures. Indigenous communities drive each of our rainforest projects and choose how Cool Earth’s funds are spent. So it’s always inspiring to see this community-led model in action.

The highlight of our visit this month to the Asháninka Project in Peru was being asked to open the new school for our partner village Saboroshiari by smashing a gourd of masato (manioc beer). It’s the forest equivalent of a bottle of champagne.

“I am so proud of our new school. We’ve never had a proper building before. The structure would always collapse and the children would lose out on schooling. This building will last a very long time and be good for the whole community. Thank you.”  Vanessa Quirigua, Saboroshiari School Teacher.

Saboroshiari chose to spend their precious Cool Earth funds to improve the education of the village’s children. They know more than anyone that the forest is only safe when there is a village in a strong enough position to protect it. This doesn’t just mean satellite radio, GPS and forest patrols, but also health, education and livelihoods. It’s a theme that rings true for every single one of our projects throughout the world.

With the help of our supporters, Cool Earth is ensuring the world’s most vulnerable rainforest is safeguarded by its best possible custodians – the people that live there.


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