December 15, 2014

Half a Million Acres

As of today, Cool Earth has saved half a million acres of rainforest. 

This forest is some of the world’s most vulnerable, lying on the arcs of deforestation across the globe. 

By putting control back in the hands of local people, we’ve helped 113 villages ensure the long-term protection of their forest. This means 500,000 acres – an area the size of 1,428 Hyde Parks or 35 Manhattans – is now under the protection of the people who depend upon it for everything.

An acre was originally defined as the amount of land one oxen could plough in a day. It would take an ox 1,370 years to plough the rainforest we’re protecting.

But of course, it’s not going to be ploughed. And it’s not going to be cut down by illegal loggers. Thanks to our supporters, it’s protected, and will continue to provide a home and an income for the 35,000 indigenous people that live within our projects.

So please share the good news on Twitter or Facebook and help us protect even more rainforest.

Here’s to the next half a million.


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