January 9, 2015

A Resolution you’ll keep

Instead of a gym membership, give to Cool Earth each month and save something more impressive than your abs.

It’s a New Year and time for resolutions and fresh starts.  But before you commit yourself to that gym membership – how long will your resolve last?

Our promises to ourselves in January are short-lived. We visit the gym on average just twice a month after buying our membership. That’s a monthly waste of £25.

Why not dedicate this enthusiasm to the rainforests instead? We do all the hard work of keeping the forest standing for you.

By donating £25 a month, you’ll save five acres of at-risk rainforest this year. This will protect 19 endangered species, lock in 1,000 tonnes of CO2 and give a lifeline to the people that call the forest home. Surely that’s more worthwhile than bums and tums?

So forget the treadmill and the guilt. Make a resolution with a long lasting impact and give to Cool Earth instead.

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