January 25, 2015

Made with Love

How jewellery made by Peruvian artisans is saving the rainforest.

AMARNO is an association of artisans that is saving the rainforest through jewellery. Each piece is truly made with love. Love for the rainforest and everything it provides.

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The women collect seeds from the forest. Each type of seed is treated differently before it can be used in a piece of traditional Awajún tribal jewellery. One seed is boiled for a week before it is ready to be drilled, another seed is dried in the sun for a month.

These wonderful artisans are from the Awajún tribe in northern Peru. Renowned for their fierce independence, the Awajún are defending their forest from oil and gold extraction.

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Cool Earth is working with seven Awajún villages to out-price forest destruction. The jewellery made by AMARNO is giving a future to the forest and the families of the women who make it.

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