January 25, 2015

The AMARNO Story

AMARNO was born as a group of mothers who used to cook together. They are now Peru’s most skilled artisans.

The women decided to start making jewellery. With no more than a thatched roof and the materials the rainforest provides, their cooking group is now a thriving artisan’s association.

In 2005 the mothers’ club was converted to an artisan committee and gained a tin roof and more land from the provincial mayor.

In 2007 the group signed up to public registries and started the process of becoming an official association, giving them an opportunity to trade further afield.

Since then, Cool Earth has been supporting these extraordinary women – landing their jewellery on the Vivienne Westwood Paris Catwalk.

Today, the AMARNO association sells jewellery at art fairs in Lima as well as all over the world through Cool Earth’s website – enabling the association to provide for their families’ education and futures.

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