February 20, 2015

Rainforest Voices: Saving the Mothers of the Rainforest

At just 24, Adelaida is on a mission to save the mothers of the rainforest.

Each month, we’ll be introducing you to the incredible people behind our projects. The people who, without your support, would have lost their homes to the loggers. This month, meet Adelaida Bustamante.

The daughter of the Chief of Cutivireni, Adelaida Bustamante is one of the most fiercely intelligent people you could hope to meet.  With a background in medicine, she is pioneering Cool Earth’s work to protect the mothers and newborn babies in our Asháninka Project. She’s also expecting her first child.

Adelaida On Motherhood

“My happiest moment was when I learned that I was pregnant. Being a mother is a joy and such a gift. I cannot wait to care for my child. But there are downfalls to being a mother in the rainforest. Many of our women suffer from the dangers of childbirth. Last year, I nearly lost my sister Telma from a retained placenta, so I am very privileged to be working with Cool Earth to protect the pregnant women of my community. It is so important because our women will be much safer and have the care and support from others”.

…On the forest

“The forest is my beautiful home. It gives me oxygen, water, wood. My favorite tree is the Pirallo Palmera as it gives me both food and a home – my house is built from it. When I lived out of the forest, away from this beautiful scenery, I was not happy.

For me, the most important thing is living within the community and being surrounded by the forest. My biggest hope for the future is that we continue to conserve the forest and keep our Asháninka customs.”

…On Cool Earth

“Cool Earth helps my community a lot. Before, we didn’t have much help from the government or anyone else. Cool Earth has helped to create schools, helped with our health and helped us earn money from the forest – like with our cacao.

To all the people that support Cool Earth, I’d like to tell you that we’re continuing to work to preserve our forest. Thank you.”


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