February 23, 2015

Safe Childbirth = Safe Rainforest

A child born in a remote rainforest area is ten times less likely to reach their first birthday than if they were born in the UK.

In our Asháninka project, the nearest doctor is ten gruelling hours away by boat and truck. And if you live in the furthest village, you first face a 12-hour walk. This remoteness puts our partners at great risk, especially pregnant women and babies.

That’s why we have a very simple goal this year: to equip each of our partner villages with a Medical Outpost and trained team of first-aiders and midwives. It’s less grand than it sounds. Just a weather-proof shed with a concrete floor and basic supplies will make a life changing difference and ensure our partners are strong enough to defend their forest and their families.

Safe Childbirth = Safe Rainforest: Support our Asháninka healthcare project

“Rainforest is only effectively protected if the lives of the local people are improved. Childbirth is the biggest killer of women in our Asháninka Project and far too many children die in their first few months of life. What should be the most incredible moment in a couple’s life is often the most tragic. Working with the leading experts in this field – One Heart World-Wide – we’re ensuring our partners have the basic equipment and training they need to save lives and keep families safe.” 

Matthew Owen, Director Cool Earth


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