March 20, 2015

Rainforest Voices: the little queen

The young girl who made a big impact on Dame Vivienne Westwood

As a young child, Cladys’ village was offered a cash deal from the loggers to take their trees.

Rather than accept the deal and lose their rainforest home, her village got in touch with Cool Earth. Now her future is looking brighter.

Her school used Cool Earth funds to give Cladys and her classmates schoolbooks.

The village installed pumps to ensure there was safe water to drink.

She now has a mosquito net to keep her shielded from malaria whilst she sleeps.

But life hasn’t been easy for Cladys. When she was very small her father died. Being a single mother is exceptionally hard in the rainforest.  The men are responsible with providing game and fish – a family’s only protein source.

Cladys’ mother, unable to provide her with the life she felt she would need, gave her away. With four sons, Chabuca was delighted to have a girl to dote on.

But it’s not just Chabuca that fell in love with this gorgeous little girl, Vivienne Westwood and husband Andreas were besotted when they visited the community too.

mar profile picset 3“We fell in love with Cladys, so elegant: a little queen of five or six who is adopted by Chabuca. Cladys looked at and listened to everything we did and said; she seemed the last to go to bed. One day, I was sitting in the river when she came and splashed me to have a game, often she was shy but her curiosity got the better of her; the expressions on her face from serious to laughing went full circle through the whole range of human beauty.” Dame Vivienne Westwood

mar profile picset 2

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