March 4, 2015

Time to Act

What the climate march in London has to do with Gricela in Peru.


“I like the dawn in my community, but recently the weather has changed and the climate is no longer the same. Now our air and water is contaminated. As Awajún we have to defend our land against pollution.” Gricela Orrego W, Awajun, Peru

This Saturday, 7th March thousands will gather in London for a march supported by Cool Earth champion Dame Vivienne Westwood, and her Climate Revolution movement. The aim – to get climate to the top of every politician’s agenda.

Climate has been at the top of our agenda from day one.

Rainforests act like massive carbon sinks, sucking in excess carbon dioxide and helping regulate the planet’s temperature. By absorbing about a fifth of the carbon made by burning fossil fuels, rainforests help slow climate change substantially.

Good news for Cool Earth’s rainforest partners, for whom the threats of climate change are very real, and very local.

If Gricela loses her rainforest, she loses her home and her livelihood. For our rainforest partners, climate change isn’t about far away weather patterns and polar bears, it’s about staying alive.

That’s why it’s at the top of our agenda, and why we’re joining Climate Revolution in telling world leaders that it’s Time to Act.


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