April 23, 2015

Rainforest Voices: Abildao Atamain Weepiu

Albildao Atamain Weepiu is from the Awajun project in Peru. He’s at school in Urakusa where Cool Earth have provided schoolbooks and solar lights to enable pupils to do their homework in the evenings.

april profile Albildao

When he leaves school he’d like to be a mechanic, so he can repair broken tools and take care of the forest.

“The thing I like about Urakusa is the trees that we always have, and that we are healthy, without illnesses. Also we drink clean, free water, and the farm produces the best crops”

Sadly, the future concerns Albildao: “My worry is the climate and the change in the air quality caused by logging and making roads. We have to concern ourselves with maintaining the forest and reforestation. This way we can breathe clean air.”

We’ve worked alongside Urakusa village to improve their cacao harvest, which forms a vital income for the village: “The kind of work I like is growing cacao because those of us who have cacao, have an economic income. When we are ill, we have the option to sell cacao to buy medicine.”



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