April 6, 2015

Illegal logging continues in Alto Tamaya-Saweto

Five months on, Edwin Chota’s community sees little respite from the loggers.


Earlier this year, Cool Earth reported the devastating news that illegal loggers had killed four members of the Alto Tamaya-Saweto community, neighbours of Cool Earth’s Asháninka partners in the Peruvian Amazon.  One of those killed was the community president Edwin Chota who devoted his life to fighting for his people’s rights to gain titles to their land and expel illegal loggers.

Five months since the news first broke, little has changed.  Illegal loggers still frequent the area and residents say the presence of police – parachuted in by the Peruvian government after the killings – do nothing to stop them. They are rendered powerless by threats from the loggers.

Despite complaints from the community, nothing more is being done by the government.

And whilst vast sums of money are spent on ineffectual police presence, it’s still the communities themselves who are risking their lives to protect their rainforest, something on which the whole planet relies.


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