May 12, 2015

Completed Project: Madeira Project, Brazilian Amazon

We’ve fully funded our project on the River Madeira in the Brazilian Amazon.

“The Brazilian state of Amazonas has seen relentless pressure on its rainforest for 50 years. To build a self-sustaining partnership with local communities to shield some of the nation’s most diverse rainforest helped create the model that Cool Earth has since taken around the world.”
Matthew Owen, Director, Cool Earth

The aim for all our projects is that in five years the community will be making more money from the forest than they would receive from loggers, or from Cool Earth funding. This means they can look forward to a sustainable future for their families and their forest.


In 2007 Cool Earth began work in the State of Amazonas, one of Brazil’s most active areas of deforestation. The project partnered with the community of Democracia and its annex villages along the Rio Madeira.

Cool Earth worked with 2,400 local people to equip them with the resources that they needed to safeguard their 64,000 acres of at-risk forest. Alongside funding rainforest protection, Cool Earth funded local schools and community resources. With the help of our supporters, we enabled the project to become fully-funded in 2010, with improved incomes relieving pressure on the rich primary forest to be sold off.

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