May 5, 2015

International Midwives Day

The 5th of May marks the UN’s International Midwives Day.


In our Asháninka project, midwives are more important than ever.

This year, Cool Earth are working to provide our Asháninka partners with maternal healthcare training and tools that could save lives.

This support could not be more important. A child born in our Asháninka Project is currently ten times less likely to reach their first birthday than if they were born in the UK. The least remote village is a ten-hour journey away from the nearest doctor, those furthest away first have a 12-hour walk.

A third of families in our Asháninka Project have lost a child. The majority die on the day they are born. The first five minutes of life are the most important; an infant is 20% less likely to reach a month old if they are in a poor condition at birth.

There are simple solutions to these horrible statistics. A few pieces of relatively cheap equipment, and some basic midwifery training, can turn a potential tragedy into the celebration that childbirth should be.

Thanks to Cool Earth’s supporters we’re working to improve the chances for mothers and children throughout our projects. Strong lives equal a strong rainforest.

Support our Women's Health project in Peru


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