May 15, 2015

Welcome to Sayumi

Celebrating International Day of Families

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You may remember that Adelaida, our fantastic community coordinator in Cuti, had a baby daughter in February. She’s growing into a real beauty and, as is traditional, has just been given her name.
It’s “Sayumi” which is Japanese although no one is sure what it means. Do let us know if you’ve any ideas. It was chosen by Adelaida’s sister, Aysha who thinks Japanese women are always beautiful.
Adelaida is lucky to have a doting husband – Wilson – and a huge family of helping hands so she’s able to help train the new army of community midwives.
Better births aren’t just about midwives though. Adelaida is insisting dads, uncles and grandfathers play a big role in bringing up baby. “It’s their duty to help; no excuses.” So on this International Day of Families, help us support healthier villages.
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After all, a healthy village means a safe forest.


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