June 1, 2015

We’re throwing a birthday party

And you’re invited…

When Cool Earth was born eight years ago today, Dalton was a brand new baby in Cutivireni, a village with a very uncertain future.

Thanks to you, Cutivireni has an alternative to the loggers.

Eight years on, Dalton and his community have gone from strength to strength. No trees have been lost, families are building thriving incomes, and he’s the picture of health.

That was just the start.

What started in Cutivireni in the Amazon is now a global movement. By putting people who depend on the rainforest in charge of the rainforest, you’ve helped to invent the most effective way of saving rainforest.

But as you would expect from an eight year-old on their birthday, we’re overexcited. That’s because we have the most electrifying year ahead of us.

One good thing leads to another.

Every single one of Cool Earth’s community partnerships is organically grown. Every single one expands because the neighbours like the look of what we’re doing.

In our first year, three villages asked to work with us. This year, over a hundred new villages want to partner with Cool Earth and the queue will keep growing.

This means that together we have the chance to protect more rainforest through community partnerships than any other charity or any government.

And of course, we’re excited because we’re throwing a birthday party for Dalton…and the 4,864 children born into safe villages since Cool Earth started.

It’s going to be a big event. Make sure you’re part of it…


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Here’s to the next eight years and many more happy birthdays.



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