July 28, 2015

Completed Project: Awacachi Project, Ecuador

We’ve fully funded our project on the River Madeira in the Brazilian Amazon.

“Creating a sustainable future for the communities of Esmeraldas and their rainforest was Cool Earth’s first challenge as a charity. To have built a fully-funded project and see it prosper independently of Cool Earth is one of our greatest achievements and a foundation for our following work.” 

Matthew Owen, Director, Cool Earth

The aim for all our projects is that in five years the community will be making more money from the forest than they would receive from loggers, or from Cool Earth funding. This means they can look forward to a sustainable future for their families and their forest.


With our supporters help we were able to fully fund our Awacachi Project to save more than 55,000 acres of Chocó rainforest. This has created a forest corridor to link more than 900,000 acres of protected rainforest in Ecuador.

In the last sixty years Ecuador has lost more than 95% of its Chocó forest and what used to be pristine rainforest is now one of the most intensely farmed areas in the country. Our Awacachi project halted this rapid clearance ensuring that this irreplaceable forest is not lost forever.

With long-term partner Fauna and Flora International, the project worked alongside four rainforest communities over five years to protect rainforest and boost the income streams from cacao and handicrafts.

Rainforest village of Awacachi

The Chocó region’s forest stretches from Ecuador through Colombia into Panama. It was originally part of the Amazon Basin but became cut off by the formation of the Andes.

This isolation has made it one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. The Awacachi Project protects the habitat of 33 species on the IUCN Red List, including the Great Green Macaw and the Brown-headed Spider Monkey.

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