October 24, 2015

A Rainforest Lunch

Our Projects Manager Dr Hannah Peck spends plenty of time visiting our village partners. There is never a shortage of hospitality. She’s recently returned from our Awajún partnership and tells us what was on the lunch table.

“On trips to our projects we are always struck by the incredible generosity of the villagers welcoming us.

There is a fantastic diversity of foods that the community rely on, all of it collected, hunted or fished from the forest.


Fruits and vegetables include banana, sugar cane, papaya, pineapple, coconut, palm hearts, guava, passion fruit, sweet potato, sacha garlic, and wild mushrooms.

In just about every rainforest region, teeming biodiversity doesn’t mean there is plenty of protein. What there is comes from snails, tree frogs, river snails, and catfish. As a special treat we are given boiled chicken eggs, chicken, duck and turkeys that wander around every village.

Meals are prepared mainly by boiling or steaming food in banana leaves. We always have huge appetites but the snails; palm beetle larvae and tree frogs were a test for our urban taste buds.


When the rainforest becomes degraded the availability of these foods for some villages is sadly diminishing. Illegal logging and pollution from mineral mining hits fish catches miles down stream. But Cool Earth is ensuring there’ll be lunch on the table for our Awajún partners for many years to come.”



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