October 5, 2015

Empowering women and saving rainforest in the Awajún

AMARNO are a group of inspirational women in Cool Earth’s Awajún partnership who are saving rainforest with their artisan jewellery.

“We used to get together to cook. We then decided to start making jewellery for sale, so we could support our families and educate our children. There were just ten of us under a little thatched roof.”

Balbina Paukai

Balbina and her fellow mothers used Cool Earth funding to form a cooperative, increased capacity, and improved their links to market. They’re now selling their jewellery in Lima and abroad.

The income from this jewellery means that families in our Awajún project are making more money then they’d get from selling their trees. But that’s not the best bit.


Over the past two years, 92% of AMARNO members have considerably higher self esteem, 85% of the women’s hopes for the future of their community have improved a lot, and 97% of the women in the cooperative feel empowered.

Your support has made a huge difference to these women, and the future of their forest.

awajun women showcasing their jewellery

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