November 19, 2015

aqua shard x vivienne westwood christmas tree

VW tree design illustration

On 24th November, a spectacular 18-foot Vivienne Westwood Christmas tree will be unveiled in the atrium of aqua shard restaurant in The Shard.

Designed by Vivienne and Andreas in support of Cool Earth, the sustainably-sourced British tree will be draped with delicate fairy lights and festive beading created by a women’s cooperative in the Awajún community.

The garlands are made from ‘tuju’ and ‘huayruro’ seeds. The vibrant colours of huayruro seeds symbolise good fortune, abundance and balance, and new-borns and newlyweds often receive huayruro seeds as gifts for a happy and prosperous life.

The tree will be cocooned in a sumptuous patchwork of lace to create an ethereal shroud, symbolising the importance to protect the rainforest.

Vivienne and Andreas are both patrons of Cool Earth, so wanted this project to incorporate as much from the rainforest as possible. Therefore, limited edition organic chocolate bars will also be on sale with all proceeds going directly to Cool Earth’s rainforest partnerships.


The chocolate is made using cacao from rare criollo beans grown, harvested and fermented by Cool Earth’s Asháninka partners in Peru. The wrapper design is inspired by traditional Ashaninka markings which adorn clothing and ceremonial dress and features signature Westwood graphics; the ‘destroy’ checkerboard, ‘Time to Act’ and ‘Mirror the World’ – poignant messages pertaining to our world and the urgent call to save the rainforest.

Making full use of the chocolate, aqua shard has used it to create a festive dessert and a creative cocktail with 50% of the sales going to Cool Earth. Additionally, an optional £1 added to every bill throughout November, December and January will also be donated directly to the charity.

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