November 30, 2015

Deforestation jumps in Brazil

Amazon deforestation in Brazil has leapt a quarter in 2016.

Illegal logging and clearing of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest increased 16% in the last year. This is a major setback to the aim of stopping destruction of the world’s largest forest by 2030.

The biggest increases were in the states of Amazonas with a 54% rise, Rondonia with 41% and Mato Grosso with 40%.

All this is despite the Brazilian government’s attempts to increase policing of the rainforest.

Preventing deforestation is seen by the government in Brazil as a key element in the fight to keep greenhouse gases under control. It’s not the best news for the start of the climate change summit starting in Paris today.

“We have to investigate what is happening. We will ask the states to tell us formally what was authorised and what was illegal.”

Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira.

Cool Earth knows that putting local people back in control of their forests is the best way to stop deforestation. We know that investing in a community builds strong, resilient villages who can stand up to the effects of climate change as well as the loggers.

There’s hope for the future of the Brazilian forests, and the answer lies in the people that live there.


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