November 30, 2015

Don’t give your money to us

The best way to save rainforest is to support the people that live there, 100%.

That’s why Cool Earth puts funds directly in the hands of rainforest communities, to spend on whatever they need to strengthen their families and income, to save their forest.

It gets better.

The Michael Uren Foundation has generously covered our overheads for the coming year. So this Christmas, and for the whole of 2016, 100% of your donations go direct to our rainforest partners.

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  • Peter Gaylor says:

    Chopping down The Amazon Rain Forest will accelerate the destruction of the planet and make it uninhabitable for humans and animals.
    STOP logging and destroying all the Earth’s Rainforests now before it’s too late, because we don’t have the technology to find another planet to inhabit.
    People don’t need furniture made from Tropical Hardwood!

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