November 10, 2015

Pamela Anderson: why I support Cool Earth

Pamela Anderson - photo by Emma Dunlavey/JME Photo

(Image: Emma Dunlavey/JME Photo)

I’ve been an activist for over 20 years. I realised quickly that the state of the planet, the rainforests and oceans – and the need for environmental protection and awareness – affects ALL lives.

I can only do my humble part – but I determined every day to find unique ways to support organisations I’m close to, like Cool Earth. I know the work they do is some of the most important work there is.

The rainforests are the lungs of the earth – we need to breathe to survive. They are being mowed down. We need to make people understand in a capitalistic world that the value of a tree standing is greater than it is fallen.

We are headed towards the next extinction. Caused by human’s greed and stupidity. We are hanging by a thread at our own hand.

I set up the Pamela Anderson Foundation years before it officially launched. I found that I am a great connector. I know powerful people and have been able to introduce powerhouses to grassroots organizations, where money makes a valuable difference. I meet a lot of activists dedicating their lives to things we take for granted. And my organization knows how to supply funding to people on the ground where real change is made.

I put my money where my mouth is so I’m auctioning my engagement ring for Cool Earth. I feel that the wonderful gift I was given could go to much better use. I’m dedicating the money raised to help save the rainforest in Papua New Guinea before a palm oil company mows it down.

I would love to have a ring that helped save the rainforest. What a beautiful story. Don’t go to Tiffany – just buy this ring with love and a purpose.

Governments need to make Climate Change a priority. It is the most important agenda. There is so much propaganda: governments are tied to big business. They need to step back and make choices from the ground up. Don’t fall for the rhetoric: ask yourself, what do we need to survive if all else fails? (and it will). We need clean air, an unpolluted earth with vivacious soils, clean water and a healthy ocean. We need to nurture our planet and forget our differences. Stop the wars and start loving each other on this floating rock – Wars make a few people rich. It’s the only intention.  We are gone in a blip. What are we leaving for generations to come? Politics plays no part in human survival. We have to take that responsibility on ourselves.

I hope every day that we all can spend less time watching the news and getting angry and more time spreading hope and love. The planet must come first. Anything else, all our hopes and dreams are meaningless. I don’t have all the answers. I’m just doing my part to help. Everyone can do something. It’s part of the plan. Listen to your own heart.

We all have a voice. We need to speak up for the voiceless. You just have to take time everyday to do something good for the world. If it’s signing petitions (they work) or demonstrating. Or making donations to organisations you trust, like Cool Earth. If we all had a cause, the world would be a better place. What is yours?

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  • G Piavis says:

    I think you use of electrical recycling is an awesome idea and your boots are cute too.

  • Pamela,
    I would like to connect with you re “Symphony of the Earth” global blockbuster film project, it is an attempt to harness the power of the film, music and entertainment industries to change mankind’s destructive thinking on planet earth. A ‘Woodstock’of the cinema whereby the influence of the highest profile singers and entertainers in the world today deliver important messages within the lyrics of song, music and voice. We need the influence of people like yourself to help us reach our funding target. I am greatly concerned for future generations unless we create that necessary change.
    Dr Jim Frazier

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