December 2, 2015

A new boat for emergency evacuations

The Amazon river stretches 4000 miles – equivalent to the distance from New York City to Rome. It’s a vital transport link for rainforest villages, providing a link with markets, health care, and education.

Our Asháninka partners have been able to pay for emergency evacuations for the critical ill, which can easily cost hundreds of dollars from a remote village. Maria Mortiquiri suffered an ectopic pregnancy

“I felt a strong gush of pain. I couldn’t breathe, and I asked my husband what was wrong with me. And I started to cry because the pain was very intense. I left for Satipo in an emergency evacuation. There was only one boat. If there had not have been a boat, I would have died. They operated on me quickly. It was a complicated operation. It was an ectopic pregnancy. I would like to thank Cool Earth for all of its help”

Maria Mortiquiri

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