January 29, 2016

Worth the Wait

Adelaida was born in Cutivereni village, in the heart of Cool Earth’s Asháninka partnership in Peru.

Like so many young people form the village, when Adelaida was just a teenager she went to the nearest town to find work. Even though Satipo is just six hours away, it is an expensive journey by river boat and Adelaida rarely returned to her village.

But two years ago her sister had a baby and Adelaida returned for a visit that would change her life forever.

At a party to celebrate the birth, she danced with Wilson. He is a young cacao farmer that she had known since school days but never really talked to. They hit it off instantly and when it was time for Adelaida to return to Satipo, Wilson begged her to stay. She put off the return journey and they met two days later. By then Wilson knew then that he wanted to spend his life with Adelaida. She felt it was too fast but promised to visit as much as she could afford.

Over the next few months they managed to see each other just twice. But Adelaida could see how Wilson was a hard worker, how he was kind to her family, how happy her parents were when they were around him. For a whole year, Wilson wooed from a distance the woman he had fallen for.

And it was worth the wait. Twelve months later Adelaida moved back to her village to set up home with Wilson.

“The happiest moment of my life was finding out that I was pregnant.”

Adelaida gave birth to Sayumi, a beautiful baby girl. Wilson is an unbelievably proud dad, and takes childcare and domestic chores very seriously.

Even better, because of Cool Earth, Adelaida and Wilson are able to stay in Cutivireni and live and work where they love. Wilson is a a member of the cacao cooperative and Adeliada is a community health promoter, leading the maternal health project in her village. Without Cool Earth’s supporters, Adelaida might have had to stay in Satipo to work, and Wilson might have lost not only his forest, but the two loves of his life as well.


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