February 25, 2016

Floods in the Amazon

We’ve had some bad news from Peru: floods are causing devastation for families living alongside the Amazon.

Before Christmas, we told you about severe droughts in Papua New Guinea caused by a severe El Niño.

Thanks to your support, our partner villages there have enough food and water to survive until the rains come.

But on the other side of the world, El Niño is just beginning its reign of devastation.

We’ve received this message from Nazario, Cool Earth’s community coordinator in Peru:

“Yesterday afternoon the river Mamiri which passes through the Cobeja village has overflowed and caused disasters, taking homes, animals and destroying crops of cacao and yucca. Ten families are left homeless. Luckily there were no casualties.

We cannot be oblivious. What happened is due to a natural disaster, the result of El Niño and the effect of climate change.”

Intact rainforest keeps riverbanks strong and prevents floods like these from damaging wider areas. Your support means that long term these vulnerable communities –and their forest – are strengthened against the worsening climate.

In the short term, we’ll provide tents and emergency food supplies to our partners in Cobeja village.

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