February 4, 2016

From Cutivireni to Cornwall: The Coffee Arrives

Cool Earth HQ is a hive of activity this week as we welcome the arrival of the very first coffee harvest from our Asháninka partnership in Peru.

This incredible coffee is made from speciality varieties of beans grown, and harvested by Cool Earth’s Asháninka partners in Peru. The organic, single origin coffee is traceable right back to the rainforest, where coffee production is providing a vital income that means the Asháninka forest is safe from loggers.

Fresh off the boat from Peru, it will go straight to our friends at Origin Coffee, who will roast the beans using their super-eco-friendly roasting machine.

After roasting, we’ll hold a cupping event, where the flavour profile of our Asháninka coffee will be documented. We couldn’t be more excited about having the first sip of this very special brew.

If you’d like to be among the first to get your hands on a bag of these magic beans, you can pre-order the coffee on our website.

Pre-order Now


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