February 19, 2016

Good news and bad news from Peru

Last year, you helped our Awajún partner village of Huaracayo build a fish farm. Creating a reliable source of protein is a terrific way of taking pressure off the rainforest and this fish farm is the fifth you have funded.

cool-earth-awajun-fish-farmYesterday we heard from Gerzon and Gelson, our team on the ground, that the village of Huaracayo has just raised 500 baby fish. This may sound like small fry but it means the village is now self-sufficient in fish. What’s more, together with their village neighbours in Kayants, they have sold 100Kg of Boquichico fish in the local town. This big boost to family incomes helps keep the forest safe.


But the same phone call brought some bad news.

Just last week Petro Peru, a company searching for oil in the region, spilt 2,000 barrels of oil in the Chiriaco river. This river feeds into the Marañon, the river whose bank Huaracayo sits on. Contamination is inevitable and dead fish are already floating down river. The Regional Organization of Indigenous People (ORPIAN-P) is lobbying the government in Lima and we are all hoping the rains hold off since they would spread the pollution.


In the meantime, the communities have been advised not to eat any fish or use water from the river. Luckily, thanks to your support the village has an alternative water source and the fish farms aren’t affected. At the moment there’s no risk to our partner villages but we’re monitoring the situation closely.

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