February 3, 2016

The heart of the forest
is the village that protects it

“The life of the forest is in accordance with our way of life and our culture”

Cesar Escual, Cutivireni Village, Peru

People have lived in harmony with the forest for countless generations. They are the key to halting deforestation.

This valentine’s we’re sharing our love for the villages keeping the forest safe.

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  • Dave says:

    I am not getting this.
    I thought that maybe Cool Earth could send a valentine card (maybe an e card?) to my valentine/s .
    Obviously my donation would have to cover C E’s costs and make a healthy difference to the help you quite clearly give these villages. if that is not what you have on offer I’ll have to think again about valentines day! PLEASE WRITE SOON TIME IS RUNNING OUT !!!


  • Chloe Rickard says:

    Hi Dave, You can sponsor trees in your loved one’s name – they’ll get an email with a certificate about their tree and your message:

    Alternatively you can gift a donation to your loved one by clicking the ‘I’d like to gift my donation’ above. Your recipient will again get an email with your message, and will receive occasional updates about the partnership you’re supporting in their name.

    Both are an amazing way to show you love this Valentines. Hope this helps!

    Cool Earth

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