February 6, 2016

Two New Team Members for Cool Earth

This week Cool Earth has welcomed two new faces to the project team. Liz Daniels will be based in Cornwall, working closely with Projects Manager Hannah Peck to set up, support and monitor Cool Earth’s partnerships as well as making sure the rest of the team is up to date with what’s going on in the field. Liz will be in regular contact with Cool Earth’s community partners to ensure that Cool Earth’s funding is getting to where it’s needed most.

Alix Silva joins Cool Earth’s team on the ground in Peru. She’ll be dividing her time between Lima and the rainforest, directly supporting the villages that Cool Earth has partnered with to keep forest standing.

Liz’ past experience includes project leadership in Africa and she has expertise in climate change adaptation and sustainability strategy. Her days as an RAF cadet at school means she can also fly a plane. Her best rainforest fact? “Trees and plants can “talk” to each other! They can share information with each other and warn their neighbours about insect attacks and impending droughts! How cool is that?”

Liz4Liz is off to a flying start, travelling to Papua New Guinea in her second week to implement clean water projects for communities hit by droughts.

She says, “Cool Earth is empowering communities to manage and protect their rainforest for themselves and future generations. We are working with people who are on the frontline of deforestation, supporting them to build their own sustainable livelihoods and protect their forest resources. Cool Earth’s projects are making a real difference to communities facing immediate pressure on their forest resources!”

Alix has worked extensively with communities Central and South America, and has designed artisan empowerment projects with the Ministry of Foreign Tourism of Peru. Her guilty pleasures are 90s pop and Harry Potter, and she’s looking forward to working with diverse indigenous in her own country.

Alix says, “I would like to achieve really strong relationships with leaders and the community in general to articulate initiatives like Cool Earth with other projects. Doing so, we guarantee the construction of a solid and unbreakable barrier that protects these communities, their culture, life style and especially their home, the forest.”


These two new positions are funded by a generous grant from the Michael Uren Foundation. This grant also covers all other salaries and overheads in Cool Earth for a whole year, meaning that 100% of donations go directly to rainforest partnerships.

Meet the rest of the team


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