March 24, 2016

Fancy a cup of rainforest saving coffee?

Rainforest is protected when the people living there are earning enough to turn the loggers away. The funds that you give to Cool Earth are invested in developing sustainable livelihoods, like growing cacao or coffee. For some villages in our Asháninka partnership, this means they will soon earn far more from cacao and coffee than they would from selling their trees, or from Cool Earth.

In the last year alone, income from cacao has doubled in the village of Pajonal. This income is helping the village become a self determining, thriving rainforest community. Every sack of organically produced cacao is another win against the loggers.

That’s why we’re so excited about what’s just arrived in the UK. AYOMPARI, the Asháninka growers association, have shipped over the first commercial harvests of coffee and cacao from Pajonal. The cacao is being made into bars by Chocolarder, one of the best small bean-to-bar producers in the country. (Mike, the owner, says it’s the best chocolate he’s ever tasted.) And the coffee has been roasted by our friends at Origin Coffee, ready for a rainforest saving cuppa.

Both products are available to buy on the website now. And every bar or bag you buy means trees saved. For good.

Buy a bag of rainforest saving coffee


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